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For Texas to nurture a knowledge economy, the educational sector must foster the generation of patents and cultivate the human capital necessary for the business sector to be innovative.


Countries with the strongest inventive capability are leaders in indicators of economic development, standard of living, education, welfare, health, etc.

To invent is to conceive, design, envision, or produce something novel that did not previously exist, broadening the boundaries of both human and scientific and technological knowledge.

  • Inventing requires us to conceptualize, translate the abstract into something tangible and concrete, and apply our imagination and perceptual abilities.

  • Learning by inventing educates students that failure is a necessary step towards achieving success.

  • Invention overcome perceived limitations and achieve the seemingly impossible.

  • Invention must be refined, disseminated, and strategically shared through a sustainable business model to evolve into an innovation.


Newly innovation-based companies of 10, 15, or 20 years of life have multiplied their value exponentially, surpassing established companies of more than a century. 

To innovate is to put into practice new ideas that generate value to what already exists. 

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  • Innovating implies changing, transforming, improving, modernizing, renewing, reforming, revolutionizing, perfecting, inventing, creating, etc.

  • Innovation requires a mix of skills, abilities, competencies, and knowledge that must be acquired and developed throughout the entire educational system.

  • Innovation requires us to move from consumers to generators of knowledge.

  • To create innovations, we must learn to think out of the box, using disruptive and divergent thinking. 

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