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mexico inventa jovenes inventores
mexico inventa evento de invencion innovacion educativa

Today, changing environments have created an evolving knowledge society in which individuals are expected to possess the capability to analyze and make decisions about natural phenomena and political, social, and economic events.

Our state requires professionals with the appropriate education and skills that will enable them to effect a meaningful transformation that will result in progress and equality.

The innate creativity of Texans, when well-organized, well-managed, and reinforced by a robust scientific and technological foundation, can be an abundant source of invention, innovation, entrepreneurship, progress, economic development, and well-being for Texas families.

Some competencies are nurtured early in life to cultivate individuals who have the potential to change and transform the world. 
Through a unique program and innovation events for K-12 students, Texas Invent seeks the collaborative and self-managed development of an invention to solve current world problems using the four strategic pillars of innovation 


mexico inventa evento de invencion innovacion educativa jovenes inventores

The ability to invent and innovate is and will always be the most crucial factor in the personal and corporate advancement of cities, states, and countries. 

The jobs of the future will primarily require creative skills. It is estimated that by 2030, there will be at least 470 million new job openings for undefined occupations, meaning that at least 65% of children currently in 1st grade will end up working in jobs that do not yet exist.

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